3D Precision Tooling Operation has long established itself as an integrated tool design and builds organization with a flexible scheduling system to enable leading turnaround times demanded by many industries. 3D Precision Technology fully staffed with designers, engineers, technicians, toolmakers, and machinists. 3D Precision can work from customer-supplied drawings or we can be your 'one-stop-shop' to fully custom design and fabricate your precision tools, die sets, jigs, fixtures and/or gauges in an environmentally controlled facility located in Pathumthani Thailand.

3D Precision Technology uses state of the art solid model design software applications to design complex, high precision tools with intricate components and features. This provides quick turnaround designs and file conversion capability to ensure compatibility with customer documentation needs

Smallest borings require highest quality, as the least deviation in the straightness of the boring, in the tolerance or in the surface quality on the workpiece will already mean a defect or scrap in today's miniaturized productions. For micro productions, 3D precision offers precision micro drills made of PM-HSS and solid carbide in nominal diameters from 0.02 mm to 2.98 mm. Point- and flute geometry, surfaces, shank types and cutting materials are perfectly concerted to match the application, so that smallest drills are worked out well and fabricated process-safe. Our Carbide micro drills are especially applied for small series productions, where they offer high quality at a beneficial cost-performance ratio. On the one hand, 3D Precision solid carbide micro drills, as drills with a long tool life, stand by for large-scale productions.

Our products are fully customized, high precision with very shortest delivery.

See the quality and performance of our micro drills for yourself. Numerous customers in the branches of precision mechanics, horology, medical technology, conductor board manufacturing and other fields of the micro production already rely on 3D Precision.

  • Range of Application
  • Medical technology
  • Food industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Energy technology
  • Paper industry
  • Watch and Jewellery Industry


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