Mold building is a complex process, with endless details to consider. The selection of your mold base is critical to profitability. That's why 3D Precision is committed to providing just the right mold base for your needs. For every application, there's a 3D Precision mold base to match it.

We machine the mold bases to the point where our customers simply install the cavities, cores and auxiliary items, making the mold ready for testing. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and pre-roughed plates; the result is a mold base that is competitively priced and high in quality.

From hot-rolled steel to stainless steel, in standard sizes or custom sizes, 3D Precision recognizes your specific needs and develops them in the time you specify, all at competitive prices.

3D Precision has consistently been a market leader in new product development and prides itself on being first with innovations that have benefited mold making worldwide.

We committed to quality delivery and performance


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