We are leading manufacturer of precision multi-layered stamping parts. We stamp stainless steel thickness 0.0002" laminated with 0.0002" adhesive and 0.0004 plastic.

Parts can be delivered in the form role or strip depending upon customer requirements.

This breakthrough technology can save your money, time and productivity.

When it comes to metal stamping tools capability, our Company is a leader in the field. We work to very tight tolerances and all of our tooling is built and maintained in-house using the latest manufacturing technology for manufacturing press tools.

The combination of these top of the line high-speed machines with our in-house progressive die making provides our clients with only the best in lead frames, selective plate, and precision metal stamping tools. Working with all manufacturing materials to reach customer's requirements. We work for the customer satisfaction. We utilize the very latest engineering support software and link directly to our manufacturing department to insure integrity of manufactured components. As is the case with all elements in our processes is continually reviewed to ensure it is the best and most up to date available.

In today's global marketplace time-to-market can be critical. Take some of the pressure off your own people by allowing us to become an extension of your engineering department. We take pride in our staff's broad experience in contact design. It is this wealth of knowledge, coupled with our manufacturing expertise that ensures no time is wasted designing a part that cannot be efficiently produced. Our extensive use of standardized die components further help to reduce lead times to an absolute minimum.




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